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Come Fly With Me » March 2005

With ‘Come Fly With Me’ released on March 14, 2005, Steve Rinaldi tells the story of the origins of the song.

'Come Fly With Me' - CD Single

“‘Come Fly With Me’ was one of the first songs that I ever wrote. It was also the very first of my songs to be recorded in the studio. I was writing and recording demos at the time with Adrian Holder, the songwriter, guitarist and lead singer with my first band, The Moment. A couple of years after The Moment had split up, Adrian, myself and bassist Rob Moore had reformed the band under a different name and with a new drummer, and Adrian was encouraging me to help him write songs for the new band. He thought it would be better to be like later Lennon and McCartney, writing songs in competition rather than together. He didn’t say so at the time but I’m sure he did this to force me to complete songs on my own. I will always be grateful to him for this as it gave me the confidence and opportunity I needed to begin writing.

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“We recorded these demos on a portastudio leant to us by songwriter Paul Bevoir. When we returned it to him it still had the songs in its memory and Paul liked them so much that he persuaded his label, Tangerine Records, to pay for some studio time to record one of them properly. I think Paul really wanted to record one of my other songs, ‘Heaven Knows’ (also now on the Rinaldi Sings album), but we chose ‘Come Fly With Me’ instead. It was recorded in a completely different style, with lots of loud guitars and pounding drums – it was the period of Oasis, after all! We finished a fairly decent take on the song, but the band didn’t really go too much further and this version was never released. I still have a copy – a collector’s item in years to come maybe!

“When we came to recording the album, I’d forgotten about the song. The album was initially recorded in two blocks, but after we’d finished I wasn’t quite certain that it was strong enough, so we went back into the studio to work on another three songs. I hadn’t considered ‘Come Fly With Me’ because I didn’t think the style suited Rinaldi Sings, but Chris Hunt of Tangerine Records had never forgotten the original version and suggested that we revive it in a 5th Dimension style. I thought it was a fantastic idea and immediately saw where he was coming from, as despite the noisy guitars, the original was very much dependent on vocal harmonies.

“We were really pleased with the version we recorded for the album, but it was never seriously considered to be in the reckoning for a single release. But at the last minute Tangerine thought that yet another version of the song would make a perfect single. We went back into the studio and finished it in mid January 2005. And at last the song that wasn’t meant to be on the album, that wasn’t meant to be a single, has confounded all expectations. Listening to it now it just sounds like the perfect radio song. I’m really proud of it and I hope you like it too.”

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