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Do you want to know a bit more about Rinaldi Sings? We will be adding regular features, interviews and live reports to the site, so keep checking back for new content. In the meantime read through our archive of previous features...

July 2005 » Watch the Mod Aid video
Watch the video for the Mod Aid 20 charity single, featuring Ron Wood, PP Arnold, Chris Farlowe, Steve Craddock, Mark Joseph, Reg Presley, Steve Rinaldi and many other guest artists.

July 2005 » Mod Aid 20: In Their Own Words
Steve Rinaldi and many other contributors to the Mod Aid 20 record talk through their experience of the recording session.

March 2005 » Watch the 'Come Fly With Me' video
Watch the video for the new Rinaldi Sings single 'Come Fly With Me'.

March 2005 » 'Come Fly With Me'
With 'Come Fly With Me' released on March 14, 2005, Steve Rinaldi tells the story of the origins of the song.

February 2005 » Rinaldi Sings At Mod Aid 20
Steve Rinaldi spent the weekend of January 28–29 contributing to the recording of the Mod Aid 20 charity single, a cover version of the Small Face's 'Whatcha Gonna Do About It'.

May 2004 » The making of 'Avenues & Alleyways — The video
Movie–maker Edward Ball talks through the experience of directing his first pop promo with Rinaldi Sings.

December 2003 » A message From Edward Ball
The former Creation Records artist and pop art agent provocateur offers his opinion on Rinaldi Sings.

December 2003 » Live Review — Man On The Moon, Cambridge
A report on the Rinaldi Sings live debut at The Man On The Moon in Cambridge, December 3rd, 2003.

November 2003 » Steve Rinaldi Interview
Steve Rinaldi talks about the origins of the Rinaldi Sings sound and how the album came to be recorded.

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