The team behind the Rinaldi Sings website

The official Rinaldi Sings website wouldn't be possible without the help of the many talented people who have worked tirelessly to make this site everything that it is.

Chris Hunt » Editor

Before becoming a successful magazine editor, Chris started his career in journalism by founding his own fanzine, Shadows And Reflections. He was the editor of many of the recent special editions of Mojo and Q, including those on The Beatles, punk rock and Oasis, and he has written sleevenotes for numerous CD releases. He also writes about football.

If you would like to contact Chris, why not .

Karl Bedingfield » Web Design & Development

Karl has been in web design and development for over ten years and runs his own company, Ely Web Solutions. Together with Chris Hunt he was co–founder of Shadows & Reflections fanzine and was the inspiration for The Moment's instrumental cult classic, 'Karl's new Haircut'.

Karl can be contacted or by visiting his website

Nick Webster » Photography

A photographer for over ten years, Nick worked for various national magazines while running his own company Extreme Photos. He is currently Technical Editor of Photography Monthly.

David Houghton » logo & sleeve design

An experienced magazine and book designer, David Houghton is the band's 'official' designer. He thinks that Rinaldi Sings are the best thing he's heard since he discovered the Pet Shop Boys!