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What's It All About? Tangerine Records TANGCD016

Rinaldi Sings New Album'What's It All About?' has been variously described as "melodic and beautifully constructed – compulsive stuff" (Paolo Hewitt), "An adventurous debut album" (Record Collector), and "Deeply peculiar – a revival of the Easy Listening revival!" (Rip & Burn). It featured among the Best Albums Of The Year in the annual music critics poll in the Village Voice. 'Lucky Day' also made it to No.10 in the MOJO Playlist. Released: February 21, 2005.

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  1. Happy (Steve Rinaldi)
  2. On A Magic Carpet Ride (Randazzo/Pike)
  3. Rollercoaster (Steve Rinaldi)
  4. Come Fly With Me (Steve Rinaldi)
  5. You're Alive (Steve Rinaldi)
  6. Lucky Day (Steve Rinaldi)
  7. Melody (Steve Rinaldi)
  8. Come Again (Steve Rinaldi)
  9. A Matter Of Life And Death (Steve Rinaldi)
  10. This Time Tomorrow (Steve Rinaldi/Paul Bevoir)
  11. Avenues And Alleyways (Murray/Callendar)
  12. Heaven Knows (Steve Rinaldi)


Rinaldi Sings — Singles

Come Fly With Me Tangerine Records TANGCDS017

Rinaldi Sings New Single'Come Fly With Me' is the second Rinaldi Sings CD single. This version is a different recording from the one that features on the album 'What's It All About?'. The addition of northern soul–style stomper 'Romeo And Juliet' and the Kinks–ish 'Julie Barber' make this CD single an essential purchase, as all three songs are unavailable elsewhere. Released: March 14, 2005.

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  1. Come Fly With Me single version (Steve Rinaldi)
  2. Romeo And Juliet (Steve Rinaldi/Paul Bevoir)
  3. Julie Barber (Steve Rinaldi/Paul Bevoir)


Avenues & Alleyways Tangerine Records TANGCDS015

Rinaldi Sings New Single'Avenues & Alleyways' is the first single by Rinaldi Sings. A cover version of Tony Christie's theme tune to Seventies cult TV show 'The Protectors', the song has been reworked and revamped by Steve Rinaldi and has been described by one national magazine as 'an underground monster tune'. The CD also features two excellent Steve Rinaldi compositions, 'Lucky Day' and 'If She's Gonna Want You'. Released: May 10, 2004.

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  1. Avenues And Alleyways (Murray/Callendar)
  2. Lucky Day (Steve Rinaldi)
  3. If She's Gonna Want You (Steve Rinaldi)


Various Artists — Compilations

Various Artists: 'Reds Strike The Blues' Red Star Recordings REDS 002

Various Artists: 'Reds Strike The Blues''Reds Strike The Blues: A Tribute To The Redskins' features 18 cover versions of songs by the 80s agit-popsters. Rinaldi Sings contribute one track to the album, a stripped down rendition of the Redskins’ album track ‘Hold On’. The album opens with an introduction from Redskins singer Chris Dean and features bands from all over the world, including the Three Johns and The Inciters.
Released: August 2005.




  1. Intro Chris Dean
  2. The Power Is Yours The Yell Leaders meet The Grooveblaster (USA)
  3. Kick Over The Statues The Arc Welders (USA)
  4. Hold On Rinaldi Sings (England)
  5. Keep On Keeping On The Che Men feat. Norman Strike (England)
  6. Names Were Named Ned Ludd (Italy)
  7. Unionize Negu Gorriak (Basque Country)
  8. You Want It? They've Got It! The Old Bailey (USA)
  9. Take No Heroes Maninblack (USA)
  10. Don't Talk To Mr About Whether Eric Blowtorch & The Forces Of Victory
  11. It Can Be Done The Yell Leaders (USA)
  12. Peasent Army Peasent Army (USA)
  13. Lev Bronstein Red Sqaure (England) feat. André Schlesinger
  14. Lean On Me The Inciters (USA)
  15. The Crack The Smashcasters (USA)
  16. Bring It Down Maninblack (USA)
  17. A Plateful Of Hateful Redskins (England) meet The Groove Blaster (USA)
  18. Reds Strike The Blues The Three Johns (England)


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