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Here are some web links that Rinaldi Sings find interesting

Something Big
25 March 2004 | The official site of the Rinaldi Sings touring DJ ensemble Gary Malby, Rodders & Hayden.
8 December 2003 | The official site of Rinaldi Sings saxophonist, the irrepressible Andy Brush.
Kelly's Heels
26 November 2003 | The official site of the fantastically talented Bob Kelly and his band Kelly's Heels.
Artist Direct
20 November 2003 | Read all about Rinaldi Sings and other artists on the Artist Direct site.
The Affair
14 November 2003 | Steve Rinaldi often makes guest appearances on trombone with Ian Page's band The Affair. Check out what they're up to here.
14 November 2003 | The site of Rinaldi Sings producer Ian Shaw and his Warfuzz record label, also the home of the world's finest power pop band, Kelly's Heels.

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