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Live Review » December 2003

Man On The Moon, Cambridge
December 3rd, 2003
Review by Lester Benson

"Rinaldi walks, Rinaldi talks... Rinaldi sings!" announces smartly suited frontman Steve Rinaldi. A razor sharp guitar slices through his words and RINALDI SINGS are off, opening their first ever gig with a ballsy cover of Tony Christie's 'Avenues And Alleyways'. There's hardly a pause for breath before band launch into the chirpy cockney singalong of 'Happy', followed by the sweet Fifth Dimension style harmonies of 'Come Fly With Me'. The band are incredibly tight, drummer Trevor Smith and bassist Tim Charlton grounding the set with almost telepathic precision, and for those unaware there are few clues that this is a debut live performance.

Steve Live

Slowing the pace down, Steve Rinaldi holds the single spotlight with a moving performance of 'You're Alive', Chris Borsberry growing the tune with some memorable guitar licks before the song disappears with a hypnotic sax line. Back in bubblegum soul mode, the band belt out 'Melody' and a cover of the Wigan Casino classic 'On A Magic Carpet Ride', followed by the homegrown pop of 'Rollercoaster'. Aside from the odd filmic quote lifted from cult movies likes 'Get Carter', there is barely a moment between songs as the band power ever onwards, Steve Rinaldi proving himself a captivating star performer, part Michael Caine, part the young David Bowie. An uplifting rendition of 'Everlasting Love' is followed by 'A Matter Of Life And Death', a dramatic and powerful song which culminates in an extended battle between the brass instruments, trumpet, trombone and sax trying to outdo each other with their solos.

The set closes with the anthemic groove of ‘Heaven Knows’, a theme tune for the band that grows and builds as the gentle harmonies of the opening bars give way to a monster of a song — and before the crowd have realized what has happened, the singer has exited the stage, leaving the band to rock through the final moments of the song.

Ladies and gentleman, Steve Rinaldi has left the building. Well, not quite! Drowned out by the cheers, the band return to the stage for one final song, Steve picking up a guitar for the first time in the set as the band offer their own distinctive take on the classic 'White Horses'.

From the indications of their first gig, it's apparent that Rinaldi Sings have a bright future ahead.

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