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Rinaldi Sings At Mod Aid 20 » February 2005

Steve Rinaldi spent the weekend of January 28–29 contributing to the recording of the Mod Aid 20 charity single, a cover version of the Small Face's 'Watcha Gonna Do About It'. Here's what Steve Rinaldi had to say about the day...

Steve Rinaldi and Mark Joseph

"It was a great experience to be involved in Mod Aid 20. Apart from the fact that it is an extremely worthy cause, it was amazing to be in the studio with Ronnie Wood, Steve Craddock, PP Arnold, Chris Farlowe and the rest of that checklist of music legends. Watching them work was an inspiring experience. What was most suprising was how supportive everyone was towards each other. I donít know why but I'd imagined that with huge talent comes a huge ego, but I soon realised the exact opposite is true. After Reg Presley (pictured with Steve and Mark Joseph at the bottom of this page) had finished his vocal he sat in the corner of the live room for several hours, chain smoking and whooping and hollering his appreciation for every one else. He did moan once – complaining he was missing his Sunday dinner, the king of all meals, but he still stayed to offer his support.

Steve Rinaldi and Mark Joseph

"Seeing and hearing PP Arnold (pictured above right) lay down her vocal track in less than half an hour was incredible. She completed her first take and everyone was standing in the control room open–mouthed at what we had just heard. I thought 'wow, that was perfect'. She had other ideas though and asked to do it again, saying that she was just warming up. I wasn't alone in thinking that there was no way she'd be able to sing it better – but we were all so wrong, as it was even better second time. She stayed for the whole weekend just to offer support to the other artists. She even complimented me on my trombone playing, which was a big thrill.

"Mark Joseph (pictured above with Steve) was someone I knew only a little about before the recording session, but after hearing him perform (both in the studio and outside, where he, Dave Cairns and Fay Hallam busked to the large crowd of mods that had turned up to offer their support) I was left in no doubt that he is going to be a big name over the next few years – and what a nice guy. "It was also nice to see Steve Craddock, as I hadn't seen him since the days when he used to come to see me play when I was in The Moment. He laid down a frighteningly good guitar part – but then he had to follow Ronnie Wood who had made his contribution only a few minutes before. Talk about stiff competition – but it was a score draw between the two guitarists on that day.

Steve Rinaldi and Mark Joseph

"The recording was stressful and with so many artists crammed into just a two-day session, producer Ian Page did a great job holding the whole thing together. I was lucky enough to spend much of the time in the control booth and it was great that Ian had enough confidence in me to put me in charge of backing vocals. The best thing of all though is that Mod Aid 20 will make a lot of money for the two charities that it is supporting and it has produced a great sounding record."

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